#GOApe Margam

This was an incredible week for me, firstly I got married which you can read about it here and then two days later myself, Neesha, Holly and Charlee hit up Go Ape Margam for a challenge I don’t think any of us will forget.

What is GoApe?

GoApe is an adventure in the tree tops. You strap on a harness and go exploring, in your explorations you come across various challenges and difficult paths that you must overcome to complete your tree top adventure.

Our experience

First off we began with a quick mental breakdown, you can see in this photo Neesha is mentally preparing for the challenge ahead. When Neesha contacted the GoApe PR team to pitch the idea of us heading out to check out the tree tops she seemed to have forgotten that the course is in the air and she has a severe fear of heights.

What did we do?

We did our best to help Neesha mentally prepare, in the shape of ”come on girl, dis yo mess” and then we met our Instructor Josh and another instructor Jake. Josh was brilliant, took us through all our safety procedures, answered all of our questions, ignored Neesha’s whimpering. We eventually got our harnesses on and then we had a little practice clipping and unclipping ourselves.

I’d done #GoApe before, a very long time ago. I’d also done a similar challenge in America and the difference between the two is that the ones in America you can’t unclip both clips at the same time, but at #GoApe you are in control. This would be my only concern about taking your children, will they listen? AND remember.

How many challenges are there?

There are five different challenges split into five different areas. Number one is the easiest and the warm up for you to get used to it, at this point if it’s not for you, after completing this bit if you decide it’s not for you, you can get a full refund.

Getting stuck in

And then you get to the good bits, courses 2 to 5 are great fun, they get progressively more difficult as you go on with number 3 being the most difficult we experienced between the four of us.

How did we get on?

Well, we survived! I completed every challenge, with a lot of difficulty in the paths that required a lot of upper body strength (as I’m lacking any strength in my upper body). It was fantastic fun and a lovely morning out with the girls.

Useful information

I recommend taking a backpack with you and stocking it with water, gloves, an extra layer and a thin waterproof mac (or a light rain coat) just incase the weather changes. Also make sure you’re wearing closed toed shoes, preferably trainees with grips!

They provide storage for your belongings, you’ll receive a ticket number in return and you can collect your belongings at the end.

Parking is £6 for the day which is pretty steep if you’re only spending 2-3 hours at #GoApe so I definitely recommend making the most of it. It’s based in Margam Country Park which has the most beautiful surroundings so I recommend checking their website to see what’s on and then pack a football (or a frisbee) and some lunch and make a day of it! There’s lots to see.

Have you experienced your own Tree Top Adventure? What did you think?


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