Our Oxwich Bay Wedding | #MrMrsCumberpatch

On April 25th 2019 at approximately 12:30 I became Mrs Cumberpatch! We got married at the beautiful Oxwich Bay Hotel in their Chestnut Room, we were surrounded by 84 family and friends from all over the country and two special guests from the US.

We had a beautiful ceremony, in the non conventional way the groom walked my mum down the aisle first, followed by bridesmaids and groomsmen in pairs, they walked down to Oceans by Khalid and Martin Garrix and the grooms niece and nephew were the last to walk down with our fur baby Loki.

We wrote our own vows and I’m not afraid to admit that Steffs greatly outshone my own, to the point where most of the guests were in tears, a couple of confetti throws and a few photos later we headed up to the Marquee for canapés.

This was also supposed to be the time for family portrait photos but the weather had other ideas and it decided to rain so we joined our guests for drinks and canapés and said hello! It was fantastic mingling with friends I had not seen for a long time and also family of Steffs that I had not got a chance to meet yet.

Our theme was poison ivy foliage with a dash of Marvel Universe. Steffs a keen Marvel fan and so we added Marvel figures to our centrepieces and his Captain Marvel shield above the top table.
As a surprise for our special day I also hired six Marvel characters to attend our reception and surprise the groom, he was absolutely delighted and I very much enjoyed my time with Aquaman!

Our Cake also had a special suprise as Steff had designed and organised it without my help! He chose each layer to represent a milestone in our relationship from Loki joining our family (layer one), to our first holiday together to London (layer four). We had sponge, chocolate and lemon flavoured layers.

The weather eased up in the early afternoon so we headed out to take some pictures in front of the sea together just before the evening guests arrived and then we got well and truly stuck into the party.

We had a wonderful wedding day and we thoroughly enjoyed spending the day with so many of our family and friends. We now look forward to jetting off to Jamaica courtesy of my now in-laws who organised this incredible surprise for our honeymoon.

Thanks to Carl Woodward Photography & ZOOM Productions for covering the day.

Keep an eye on my Instagram @theessenceofred for honeymoon updates starting Monday 6th May.


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