Dog Friendly Pancakes: Pancake Day 2019

I woke up at 11am today, Tuesday 5th of March 2019, Loki our furbaby was laying next to me with his little wet nose pressed against my cheeks and silently pleaded with his eyes for a special breakfast snack. It was Pancake Day after all so I googled some dog friendly pancakes.



Sift the flour into a bowl, combine the ingredients and whisk until smooth, then simply fry them up until thoroughly cooked, leave to cool and then top with your dog’s favourite treat!

We topped Loki’s with dog-friendly Peanut Butter and Ham! An odd combination but he seemed to love it and gobbled them all up.

But Loki is not the only one that had pancakes for breakfast, Steff and I also spent a rare morning together cooking pancakes! (Well, I cooked, Steff just flipped a pancake and ate like six of them.

I am the ultimate pancake flipper though, Ive got quite good at flipping pancakes. I used the same recipe I’ve been using since I started making pancakes for Steff since we got together.

Ingredients (For Human Pancakes)

100g Plain Flour
2 Large Eggs
300ml Milk
Plus toppings of your choice, our were Golden Syrup (Steff) Nutella (Me)


  1. Sift the flour into a bowl, add the milk and eggs and whisk together the ingredients
  2. Heat your pan, add some oil
  3. Pour a little of the mixture into the pan in a circular motion until the bottom of the pan is covered, be careful not to make them too thick.
  4. Move the pan back and forth to see if the pancake is cooked, if cooked the pancake should glide smoothly along the pan.
  5. Then flip and cook on the other side.
  6. Plate up and enjoy!

When cooking for more than myself I keep the pancakes warm in a pre heated oven, pre heat for 10 minutes and then turn it off and put your pancakes in.
VOILA!!! You made pancakes.

Next year I’m going to try Vegan pancakes, I’ve recently started going of dairy products gradually so I’m now looking at alternatives.

How did you spend your pancake day? What’s your favourite topping?


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  1. I am definitely making Patch some pancakes he would love them! Xxxx

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