5 Reasons to Choose AirBnB

Welcome to this weeks post on AirBnB my booking platform and accommodation rental of choice as of late. We’ve used AirBnB on several occassions over the last 18 months, two trips to London and more recently a trip to Conwall.

Now we could have stayed in any hotel or Bed & Breakfast as there are so many to choose from out of season but instead I decided to go through AirBnB, but why?

1. Price

I’d be lying if I said the price was not a huge factor when I look at booking a holiday or an overnight stay, after all, there’s not many of us that can spend £100+ a night in a 4* hotel plus visit and pay entry for several tourist attractions at £30 entry fee. AirBnB gives you the freedom to put your budget in and scroll through the various options. One of the reasons we ended up in Cornwall in the first place was because of an amazing deal at £30 a night!

2. Ease

One of the other things I love about AirBnB is the ease in browsing and booking, it takes up to 4 minutes to book your next break away! Not so good for those impulse trips *OOPS* but definitely good if you want to take the hassle out of the booking process, your then connected to your host and you can go on to chat to them directly regarding your booking, usually they respond pretty quickly and those that I have dealt with have been super helpful.

3. Reviews

I find the review feature on AirBnB to be extremely trustworthy and helpful when deciding on which places to visit and more recently AirBnB have added a Superhost banding which is based on rave reviews by those who have stayed with them. I also really like the feature which allows hosts to review their guests! I believe it really adds a sense of honesty to the platform.

4. Personalised Touches

Hotels are great, I’m not denying that but on my most recent visit to AirBnB our hosts greeted us on arrival at the door, had stocked the kitchen with some butter, bread and milk for our stay and had even baked us fresh scones, not the type of treatment you’d usually get in a budget hotel.

5. Needs

And finally, AirBnB allows you to pick a place to suit your needs! Do you just need a quick room for the night? Do you need a one bed apartment or do you need a full house? Would you like a hot tub or would you like to bring your dog? These are all things you can decide for yourself when booking your AirBnB. On this occasion we just wanted a place to ourselves out of the way, so we hired a little cottage.

Have you used AirBnB before? Do you have any worries or questions? Drop me a comment below.


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