Netflix Review: Mowgli | Legend of the Jungle

It’s very rare I manage to pin Steff down to watch a movie, never mind pinning him down to watch a movie without his phone but on this night I was determined to have a no-phone night where we could sink our teeth into the new Mowgli | Legend of the Jungle film that we had both spotted on  Netflix earlier this month. I’ve seen pretty much every remake of the jungle book to have graced the screens and they’ve all been pretty mediocre so I did not have high expectations for this film either.

Ka – Snake

The film begins with Shere Kan the tiger killing Mowgli’s parents, accompanied by a voice-over by Ka the snake. Bagheera the black panther finds Mowgli and takes him to the wolves, who are not sure what to do with this human child. After a meeting with the pack Nisha the wolf takes him as her own. 
I’ll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, he spends his time among the pack trying to fit in, trying to prove himself, a feeling I’m sure you’ve been familiar with at some point in your life, which I think why this particular part of the film resonated with me. 
My favourite character Bhoot appears later on in the film as Mowgli’s best friend, he’s an albino wolf who like Mowgli is different and gets hell off the other wolves for it, he’s full of positivity about life and he yearns to one day prove himself to the pack. One of my favourite quotes of the film comes from Bhoots mum,

Others can mistake individuality for weakness

Unfortunately, Mowgli’s a bit of a pr*ck to him when he realises he will never be a wolf and then we don’t see him again…..until later. We should all have a friend like Bhoot.
The film has most of the same characters as the other remakes, however, I noticed almost immediately that their personalities are different. Baloo is a bit mean and takes a while to warm to Mowgli, Kaa seems a little nicer too. 
The man village is still a permanent fixture in the story but Mowgli’s time there is a little different, he bonds with the hunter whos there to kill Shere Kan and he starts to learn and maybe even enjoy ways of the man, he even makes some friends! But the jungle is in danger and only he can help….

It really is a fantastic film and I really enjoyed it, so much so I’m watching it again, although I’ll be skipping over the parts that had me crying like a little baby, I don’t think I can watch that trauma again. 

Go ahead and give it a go and then come back and tell me what you think!

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