Am I doomed as a blogger?

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I left the house and drove to the closest coffee shop today in order to get some quiet time away from the house and fingers crossed, some inspiration too.

Now that I’m sat down writing it feels like a lot of pressure I’ve put myself under to come up with the ”perfect” post(s) to introduce back into my blog. I’ve pondered on several occasions since sitting down whether this was a good idea coming here or whether as a writer I’m doing something wrong and that’s why I seem to continuously be uninspired in my daily life.

However, even when inspiration visits, it seems to visit at the most unorderly hours of the night when I’m five episodes deep in a new Netflix show, or when I’m lying in bed trying to get a good nights sleep. I’m then faced with the dilemma of ”do I ignore the inspiration and lie there continuing my quest to a good nights sleep or do sacrifice my sleep and try and write something that may or may not be deleted the next morning due to utter frustration.

During my school days, I was always very good at being creative and imaginative. I loved to read books and write poems but as it stands as an adult I’m definitely below average. I don’t want to give up blogging because I love the feeling when I find something I want to write about, or when the post is finished and I hit publish but the run up to that is always quite uncomfortable.

I’ve pulled my laptop down onto my lap to hide from everyone else that may peer over unintentionally that I’m writing a blog, I guess I feel quietly ashamed. Bloggers seem to have developed this awful image that we’re greedy, money grabbing, unemployed a**holes. (I’m not, just in case you were wondering.) This isn’t an image I want to conform to, I just want to write things that make people think, inspire people and share a bit of my life from beyond the computer, and I think that’s what a lot of bloggers want out of blogging too.

So what happens if I do finally finish a blog post I’m reasonably happy with?

On the occasions that I do finish a blog post that survives more than 48 hours in my drafts then I then have to decide on a cover photo for the post as well as any photography I think would be required for the body of the post. For most bloggers, I think good photography is very much lusted after, and very difficult to perfect.

Trying to get pretty images to match my blog posts is usually the next milestone that ends up in a couple of my posts becoming permanent drafts and eventually deleted. I’ve recently done a bit of an Amazon/Wish haul for pretty props to aid me in my quest for the perfect picture for my posts, however, lighting seems to be the biggest enemy for me, along with my terrible editing skills.

So what happens next to The Essence of Red?

Great question, I think I’ve established above that I clearly struggle with all aspects of blogging but something still pushed me today to get dressed and go and find somewhere to write, and you know what? Look, I DID IT! 560 words down!

If there’s anything I’ve learned from jumping in and out of the blogosphere over the years it’s that there’s room for improvement for everyone and a lot of the bloggers I started reading years ago have proved that and many of them have also written about their development over the years, so maybe there is still hope for me yet.

I’m not making any promises that I’m here to stay, forever. But if I do disappear for a little while, I think we can both be sure that I will return.

I’d love to know what you think of this post, it’s a bit different from what I usually go for!


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