Meet & Greet with Loki

We talked about getting a puppy for months, the day after Steff’s staff party we both woke up groggy and hungover but I had somehow decided that that was the day we’d definitely get a dog, I browsed the usual pages searching for a small breed and eventually came across the little pup who is know known as Loki.

Little brown dog

We picked him up down the road in Llanelli and bought him home that very same day. He was the last of the litter, he was teeny tiny and he was so excited to see us. I fell in love instantly (for the second time) and couldn’t wait to bring him home, we stopped at Pets at Home, got everything we needed and he moved in and made himself at home.

Loki on the beach

These little puppers are infamous for having accidents and months later we are still toilet training him (but we’re getting there slowly!!) But he’s a healthy and happy pupper and he’s made us happy dog parents. We enjoy long walks on the beach, playing catch in the park and cuddles during action films.

Loki puppy

This weekend we’ve got a charity day in our local park with a little dog show we’re entering him in. I got him a couple of little outfits to add further cuteness factor, what do you think?

A) Mature woolly jumper.

Dog in a jumper

B) Raincoat and boots

Dog in rain boots

We’ll keep you updated on his progress during the show.


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