Date Night at Langland Brasserie

Living by the sea means there are lots of fantastic restaurants cooking fresh fish dishes. I am a great lover of eating out too which means we often head out to try new restaurants and on this occasion, we decided on the Langland Brasserie. We arrived at around 6pm, it was already dark and the restaurant was pretty quiet so we got seated straight away.

Staff were very friendly and attentive and explained the specials board before grabbing us some drinks, I went for a coke as I was chauffering that night but my partner enjoyed a glass of white wine. We ordered three courses each from the menu:

He went for the crispy calamari with smoked salt & roast garlic aioli £6.95.

Calamari Starter at Langland Brasserie

I ordered the vegan spelt, barley & squash risotto, crispy cauliflower at £6.75.

Cauliflower, Spelt and Squash Risotto at Langland Brasserie

For mains I opted for the Haddock special which came with potatoes, spinach parsnips and a white wine sauce, I think it was around £16/17 in total.

Haddock Special at Langland Brasserie

And my partner ordered a 28 day aged 10oz Sirloin steak with chips at £18.95

Sirloin Steak, Chips, Grilled Tomato and Rocket at Langland Brasserie

Sirloin Steak and Haddock Special at Langland Brasserie

We also had dessert but I had taken several mouthfuls before my partner pointed out I hadn’t taken a picture of it, I had the chocolate melting pot, which to me was extremely rich and after two mouthfuls I was pretty done, my partner opted for vanilla ice cream which he enjoyed.

Date Night at Langland Brasserie

Langland Brasserie Menu


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  1. Alina Ahmad says:

    It all sounds so yummy and cute x

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