Organic Valentine’s Day Must Have!

I’ve got something a little different for all you beauty lovers today, it’s a review of an organic bronzing lotion. Now, I know what you’re thinking, bronzing lotion? Why not fake tan? Well, for those of you with skin the colour of milk or those of you with a banging tan who want to add a little extra sparkle to your body then I definitely recommend this brand and specifically this product. 

Live in The Light

This product was kindly gifted to me by Live in the Light, a fantastic website overflowing with effective organic brands, I chose Pure Anada’s Body Shimmer lotion to test it out. I spent a couple of weeks to really put the product to test. I can say with confidence that I tried everything from standing in the rain, an 8-hour shift, a staff night out and an overnight application.

Three reasons to choose Live in the Light;


This is super easy to apply, I applied it like a lotion onto my skin and rubbed it in until it was the desired look. I opted to rub the lotion in until it was just a slight bronze and shimmer to match my pale skin, however, if you are looking for a darker look then I recommend layering it until you reach the desired effect. It absorbed quickly and didn’t leave my skin feeling sticky or moist.

*New* Bronzing Body Shimmer Lotion - Pineapple & Vanilla


As you can see from the photo below it’s a subtle shimmer that you can wear during the day or during the evening. It adds a healthy glow that my partner noticed whilst we were out on date night. It looks fantastic on your shoulders or along your collarbone. I also wore it on my legs for a night out so I didn’t need to wear tights and it looked fantastic.

*New* Bronzing Body Shimmer Lotion - Pineapple & Vanilla

If you prefer a powder application then try out the Pure Anada Bronzing Body Powder which also retails at £8.95 which if you ask me is a pretty good value. I’d definitely recommend adding a little spark night to your date night with this body shimmer.

If you fancy a shimmer then you can go directly here. For alternative organic beauty products check out Live in the Light here.



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