Introducing Hygge into your home

This year I’m dedicating my free time to reading self-help books, exploring personal development and expanding my personal growth, today I’m exploring the art of hygge.

Hygge is a lifestyle invented and infamously implemented by the Danish, it centres around cosiness and other cultures recognise it as good food, good company in a cosy environment. There’s a huge surge of interest in Hygge at the moment with more people from around the world wanting to implement it into their daily lives, after all, according to research, the Danish are the happiest people around the world!

If you’ve heard of Hygge and you want to implement it into your daily life then here are a quick couple of things you can do today to live well, the Danish way.


Use candles, lots of them to create cosy and artistic lighting in your living room, dining room, bathroom or bedroom. I use tea lights but I’m interested in trying out some chunky candles too, like these. According to Meik Wiking who wrote the book on Hyge Danish actually shy away from using scented candles instead opting for organic candles. There are some excellent organic tea light candles that can burn up to 7 hours here if you’re interested.


It’s all about the here and now. No screens, no technology just people being present, together. Talking and supporting each other. I like this concept, I can’t think of a time I’ve sat in a room with friends and family and no one has been on their phone or watching TV, I can’t remember a time where everyone’s been present in the conversation. I think a good way to introduce this at family gatherings would be with one of those timed lockboxes.


Over the new year, we’ll all be slapping away the sweets and chocolate and trying to replace them with fruit and vegetables (possibly) but hygge is all about having that extra slice of cake or that cookie with your coffee, it’s about taking pleasure in the little things. So next time my boyfriend raises his eyebrows when I’m reaching for the biscuit tin I’ll be sure to tell him ‘I’m practising Hygge’. 


This concept is all about sharing, putting the ‘we’ over the ‘me’. We already practice this at home by sharing the washing up, unloading the washing machine together and taking turns making dinner. These are just a few things we do to be equal at home. I think we should all implement this in our daily lives, what could be better for a relationship than being equal, I also implemented this with my family at Christmas, where my partner and I did the washing up so my parents could have a rest.


Are we grateful? Do we show our gratitude enough in our every day lives? I think perhaps not. According to the Hygge Manifesto, we should take all the good things in and be grateful because this could be as good as it gets. A gratitude journal is a great way to recognise what you should be grateful for, you can pick up a gratitude journal here. There are a couple of small things you could do to begin showing gratitude today, be an active listener, give a hug or volunteer.


No bragging, this concept is all about staying humble and not bragging about your achievements, this is possibly the only step I do not agree with. I think we should all be able to talk about our achievements with our family and friends and support each other. I’m all about congratulating and lifting those who succeed around me up. After all, a lot of work goes into achieving something great.


Candles, cosy blankets, fluffy socks and hot chocolate! That’s what I think when I think about what comfort means to me. It’s all about relaxation and unwinding, I’ve recently got an aromatherapy diffuser and lots of comfy pyjamas for Christmas so I’ll be utilising these for ultimate hygge.


In Denmark apparently, they do not discuss difficult or argumentative topics whilst practising hygge. The less drama the better. I can imagine this is quite easy to implement, however, when do you discuss these topics? Do they one day burst with rage from something that happened two weeks ago or do they forget about it?


Another concept I can agree with. For as long as I can remember I have wanted togetherness within my family and not just my parents and grandparents but our cousins, aunties and uncles too. Unfortunately, we’re just not that close nit and therefore we do not have a sense of togetherness. I did make a step towards it over Christmas by sending all the extended family I could think of a card.


‘Tribe’ is a word used in the book to describe this, however, I’d rather look at this as making my home as homely as possible for everyone and anyone who enters it, with good food, company and conversation.

If this post has got you interested in the art of Hygge then I recommend checking out the whole book as there is so much inspiration, history and culture in this little book. Check it out, only £5.00 on Amazon now ‘The Little Book of Hygge‘!

Do you practise Hygge?



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  1. leenayblogs says:

    This is such a great and realistic blog post! I love reading and every single point that you have made is absolutely true! I love reading at airports though, it’s just, i don’t go there every often 😛

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