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Is it just me or is it so much harder to get up in the morning during Winter time? The thought of getting out of my lovely warm bed makes me want to roll over and go back to sleep, but unfortunately, we all have lives to lead and commitments to fulfil and therefore I’ve come up with a pretty comfortable Winter Morning routine to make getting up easier this winter.

Set a timer on your boiler

We’ve got this sussed, when we moved in we decided to set a timer for the morning and a timer for the evening. Our heating comes on an hour before we get up and stays on for an hour and a half after we get up, this makes our house a little warmer in the mornings making it easier to leave the bed.

Wake up 20 minutes earlier

Waking up 20 minutes earlier allows me to wander down to the kitchen, put the kettle on and make tea toast to enjoy in the living room with an episode of The Big Bang Theory or whatever I’m binging at the time.

Enjoy getting ready to start your day

I am not a morning person and the last thing I want to do before midday is put on actual clothes, makeup and leave the house, but I’ve started making getting ready a little bit more enjoyable by adding some music. I throw on my favourite tracks and it really brightens my mood and leaves me feeling extremely positive.

Prepare the night before

When we were kids I think it’s safe to say most of our parents tried to get us to pack our bags and get our clothes ready for school the night before? Well, there’s a reason for that! Preparing the night before means less chance of not being able to find the things you need and it also means less rushing.

And honestly, that’s it. It’s not a difficult morning routine, I’m not getting up at 6am to do yoga, I’m not shoving cucumbers and avocado down my throat in a bid to be super healthy. I’m just making things a little bit easier and a little bit more enjoyable and trust me it works.

What do you do to make getting up in the morning easier?

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14 responses to “Winter Morning Routine”

  1. sarahaelsley says:

    I am such a morning person, I love getting up in the morning! I give myself an hour (although thirty minutes of that is sat in front of the TV with a cup of tea and breakfast).

    I agree with setting the timer on the boiler. Our heating comes on at 6am so by 7.30 it’s super toasty and makes it so much easier to get out.

    • theessenceofred says:

      Hey Sarah,

      Damn girl, I wish we could all be morning people! I think the promise of tea and breakfast for me makes it a little easier.

  2. Katt Wolf says:

    I am 100% with you on the last point – it probably takes me twice as long to get ready in the morning if I don’t set everything out the night before.. I guess i’m just too dozy!

    Waking up is always so hard in winter, but i’m going to try your advice of waking up 20 minutes earlier.

    Katt x

  3. glowsteady says:

    I wish I was capable of getting up earlier! I wake up any earlier and stick an arm out from under my quilt, realise how cold it is then hibernate for as long as possible. I’m working on trying to be as prepared as possible the night before though x


    • theessenceofred says:

      Hey hun,

      You can definitely do this. Put a dressing gown and slippers by your bed to help make getting up a touch bit easier, hopefully, keep you a little warmer.

  4. The TEO Girl says:

    Getting up earlier is so hard, I’m impressed that you manage it! I always go to bed thinking yes, I will get up at a reasonable time and make myself a healthy breakfast and get ready at a relaxed pace… and then I snooze for too long and end up rushing out the door in a panic… These are some great tips, I need to try them!

    • theessenceofred says:

      Hey Keri,

      I know you can do this! Try these tips out and let me know how you get on, I promise you’ll have a more positive and productive day.

  5. Oroma says:

    I wish I could get up 20 minutes earlier, it’s hard enough as it is to get out of bed in the mornings even after my fifth alarm goes off. I’m all for music in the mornings though, singing along in the shower always makes me feel like I can face anything. These are great tips, Ffion!


    • theessenceofred says:

      Hey Orma,

      I’m totally with you on that, I definitely have a habit of hitting the snooze button one too many times. Thanks, Orma, hope you try some out.

  6. Marni says:

    I hate getting up in winter! And I really need to work on getting everthing ready the night before. You make it look so simple that I have no excuse not to try it. Thanks for sharing😊

  7. Ash says:

    These are pretty good points. I always prepare the night before and it has helped me enjoy my mornings more.

    Ash |

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