Our *NEW* Christmas Traditions

I’m driving home for Christmas 
Oh, I can’t wait to see those faces 

Last year was the first year I’d spent away from my parents during the festive period and it was the first year we had not been able to do our family traditions, which is sad, however, this year is very exciting for me and my partner, it will be our first Christmas together in our own home.

To mark this occasion and the (hopefully!) many more after this we’re putting some measures in place to ensure we have a fantastic first Christmas, even with our crazy Christmas schedules. Here’s what we’ve come up with so far.

Visiting Family

This year we visited my partners family in Nuneaton, and on Boxing Day we’re planning on spending the day with my family having a second Christmas Day! I’m hoping to make this a usual occurrence as I love being surrounded by my family at Christmas time.

However, one year I’d like to break this tradition and have my partners family down for Christmas.

The Christmas Eve box

I’ll be working this Christmas Eve and it’s very likely so will my partner, although we usually come home around the same time which means we could both enjoy opening our Christmas Eve boxes, our boxes should consist of new pyjamas and snacks that we can snuggle up with in bed and watch a television show.

A cuppa and toast

This is pretty much our usual morning routine if we’re both off work. We usually take turns making the tea, pop an episode of Suits or The Big Bang Theory on and snuggle up. I’d like to continue this tradition on Christmas Day, I’ll be in work before my partner so he’s going to have to commit to waking up a little earlier.

Opening presents

Whilst we enjoy our morning I’d also like to get the present opening underway, at our home we have the presents from his family and also the presents we bought for each other, I’d like to do this in our own home, just the two of us.

What are your Christmas Traditions?

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8 responses to “Our *NEW* Christmas Traditions”

  1. glowsteady says:

    This is so sweet! Making new traditions sounds so exciting and makes it ever so slightly easier not being able to do your old ones. I love the idea of Christmas Eve boxes x


    • theessenceofred says:

      Hey Sophie,

      Yes, it will definitely make it a little easier. I’m really looking forward to it, I hope you’ve got your own Christmas Traditions!

  2. leenayblogs says:

    How cute! The box idea is so unique. I’ll definitely be doing that!

  3. The TEO Girl says:

    This is a lovely idea 🙂 I’m at the point with my partner where we’d like to spend time around Christmas just the two of us, this has given me some starting points for making our own traditions.


    • theessenceofred says:

      Hi Keri,

      Christmas time is definitely the time for it, I hope you get to make a start on some new traditions yourselves and use some of these for inspiration.

  4. Charlee says:

    This will be Robyn and my first actual Christmas together in our own home.
    The last two years I have always spent the eve with my family then picked him up on Christmas day to spend it at my mums before heading back to his for games and cocktails with his friends.

    This year will be different though and we hope to make our own new traditions with our puppy 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely Christmas Ffi.

    Charlee || Rose above the Thorns

    • theessenceofred says:

      Hey Charlee,

      Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your first proper Christmas together in your own home. I’m so pleased for you! Have a fantastic Christmas with your new puppy.

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