The Ultimate Christmas To Do List

Christmas is going to be here in almost three weeks! That’s not a whole lot of time to get prepared, as well as preparation this is the season to be jolly and have fun with family, so my advice is to start early. Here are a couple of things you can do now in preparation for Christmas.

Make a plan

Where will you be spending Christmas Eve? Who will be cooking Christmas Day lunch? Are you spending Boxing Day at a family party? Make this plan now to ensure you can visit all family and friends before Christmas. There’s nothing worse than rushing around Christmas Eve trying to pop in and say hello to every family member.

Write and mail your Christmas cards

Christmas Cards can be a great way to tell someone you miss them and are thinking about them this season without having to pick up the phone. I’ve already pre-written all mine and got plenty of stamps ready to send out by the 10th of December.

Write a gift list

Write down everyone you need to purchase a gift for and then go ahead and write down next to them the gift you have in mind. Gift guides online are a great source of inspiration if you’re struggling.

Start your Christmas Shopping

If you haven’t started already what have you been doing?! Christmas shopping these days does not mean you need to trudge out to the shops early on a Saturday, you can do it right from the comfort of your sofa, I’ve been using Amazon a whole lot lately. The only time you’ll catch me out at the shops on a Saturday morning close to Christmas is if I’ve forgotten a family or friend!

Wrap your gifts

Try and wrap your gifts as and when you buy them, I’ve taken to wrapping presents as soon as they get delivered to the house. Make sure you are stocked up on wrapping paper and sellotape!


If you’re hosting a family dinner over Christmas now would be a good time to start making sure you have enough plates and glasses for everyone. The last thing you want to be stressing about is whether you have enough plates to put your grandmother’s food on.

Decorate your tree

Buy and decorate your tree! Christmas is coming and now we need to start decorating our homes, I’m super excited to start decorating my new home and I can’t wait to show you guys my tree.

Clean your home

The chances are you’ll have quite a few visitors over the next couple of weeks, do yourself a favour and do a big clean up as soon as you can to take the pressure off, once you’ve done this it will be easier to touch up here and there.

What’s on your Christmas to do list?

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  1. Brynn says:

    these are all such good things to do and I need to do so many of them haha. Decorate and get my tree, decorate some more, and do some holiday baking. lovely post! xx Brynn

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