Enjoy Christmas when working

Chances are if you’ve clicked on this post you’re either working in hospitality or working around Christmas time and you’re wanting to know how you can make the most of the ‘holiday period’ when you’ll be in and out of work. Well, I hear ya, I feel ya and I’m going to do my best to guide you because we should all get the opportunity to enjoy Christmas.

How to enjoy Christmas when you’re working

Embrace it

Embrace the joy. Complaining, arguing and embracing negative emotions is only going to make you a miserable scrouge this Christmas. Instead, embrace that you’ll be working on Christmas Day and focus on looking after those people spending Christmas Day with you, whether these be people you care for, guests you serve or people purchasing last minute gifts or picking up last minute bits for their Christmas dinner.

Be festive

Get yourself a Christmas CD or playlist and put it on on your way to work in the car or on your headphones, wear a Christmas jumper or a red bow in your hair, really get in the Christmas spirit. Bring in boxes of sweet treats for your colleagues and help them feel better about working the Christmas period too.

Prepare your home

If you get yourself prepared for Christmas in advance then in your time off around Christmas you can focus on relaxing and enjoying Christmas instead of rushing around last minute. Use my Christmas checklist to help you get prepared in advance.

Coordinate with friends and family

If you’re going to be unable to visit friends and family on Christmas then try to plan and coordinate around Christmas instead. I’ve changed my shifts so I’m working Christmas Day this year like my partner but then I’m having Boxing Day and the 27th off to take my partner home to my family so that we can spend time together and celebrate together.

Continue festivities

You might be working Christmas Day and Boxing Day but there’s nothing to say we cannot continue the festivities up until December 31st at least! If you cannot have Christmas dinner on Christmas Day then consider having it later on the 28th of December instead.


Do you work in hospitality? If so how do you enjoy Christmas?

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  1. WhatLydDid says:

    A lot of people will benefit from this post! I love your idea of making every spare moment festive to make the most of the season xx

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