The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List

Slay bells ring, are you listening

Damn, it’s time to get festive! In case you haven’t realised yet, I am psyched for Christmas. Mostly because I get to sprinkle the Christmas magic this year over my friends, family and my partner. It will be our first Christmas as a couple and also our first Christmas in our brand new home which I have taken the liberty into decorating myself. I’ve never really shared Christmas with my partners, it’s always been a very private family occasion but this year I’ll be taking him home to enjoy Christmas my way! We’ll be spending Boxing Day with my family as we’re both working Christmas Day.

Since I love a good list and bucket lists are pretty much my favourite kind of list I’ve decided to put together the ultimate Christmas bucket list;

I’ve got lots of things to do in the next 23 days and I’m sure you have too, I’d love to know what you’ve got planned or what you’ll be getting up to, if you’re doing blogmas too then please post your link in the comments below as I would love to check it out.

What will you tick off your bucket list this month?

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4 responses to “The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List”

  1. Natalie Hanson says:

    You’ve given me so many more ideas for my winter/christmas bucket list. The season looks so exciting for you!

    Nat x –

    • theessenceofred says:

      Hey Natalie,

      I’m so glad to hear you found this helpful and I hope you tick as many off as you can, I love setting goals, I feel like I get so much more done! Pop back for more blogmas soon.

  2. WhatLydDid says:

    I’d love to know what family tradition you start! Hope you make lots of lovely memories ticking everything off your list xx

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