St Pierre Hotel Chepstow Review

I was a very lucky lady, for my birthday my partner and his friends organised for us to stay at St Pierre Marriott hotel and honestly we had the most amazing time. It was a 2 hour trip from where we’re living at the moment and thanks to my other half we managed to get lost twice on our trip but this did result in us seeing a field full of alpacas, worth it? Kind of.

When we arrived I found out we had been upgraded to lakeside rooms and so were not staying in the actual hotel. The lakeside rooms were amazing, we had the most beautiful view, a gigantic bed and plenty of room to move around. The first thing we did when we arrived was group in the Zest Bar for a drink and make a plan, that plan meant going in to town for a bite at Mamma Mia’s but unfortunately we all forgot it was Sunday and that we were in Chepstow and everything was closed so we headed back to the hotel and back to the Zest bar for lunch instead. The menu was decent and we had a great laugh before heading back to the room for a nap, unlikely for me I had a university deadline the next day so I made an effort to try and submit my assignment but turnitin was down….typical. So I gave up and took a 20minute nap before we headed to Fear Fest-Evil which you can read all about here.

Breakfast was great and all the staff were really friendly, there was a good choice of continental, hot and fruit options and we took full advantage.

All in all the hotel was beautiful and I’d love to go back again, the grounds are beautiful and there is so much to explore.

Have you ever stayed with Marriott?


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6 responses to “St Pierre Hotel Chepstow Review”

  1. Charlotte says:

    That looks like a really comfy bed! I love finding great hotels to stay in x

  2. That hotel looks gorgeous! I think I’ve been to a Marriott hotel a few years ago and I remember enjoying my stay with them! xxxx

  3. Neesha Rees says:

    This looks gorgeous! You’re making me jealous now. I’d love a UK break soon x

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